Browser Feature Detection

  • Service Workers:
  • WebSockets:
  • WebRTC:
  • Fetch API:
  • Geolocation:
  • Web Audio API:
  • Web Animations API:
  • Web Storage:
  • IndexedDB:
  • File API: (Deprecated)
  • Notifications API:
  • Vibration API:
  • Battery API: (Deprecated)
  • Clipboard API:
  • Background Sync:
  • WebGL:
  • WebVR: (Deprecated)
  • WebMIDI:
  • Push API:
  • Media Capture:
  • Pointer Lock:
  • Screen Orientation:
  • Full Screen API:
  • Payment Request API:
  • Intersection Observer:
  • Beacon API:
  • Web Share API:
  • Web Authentication:

Why Browser Feature Detection?

In the ever-evolving landscape of web development, understanding the capabilities of your browser is paramount. Not all browsers support every web feature, and this can lead to unexpected behaviors or even errors in your web applications.

Benefits of Feature Detection

By utilizing feature detection, developers can ensure that their applications gracefully degrade, providing alternative experiences or functionalities for browsers that might not support the latest and greatest features.

How Does Our Tool Help?

Our Browser Feature Detection tool provides an instant overview of the web features and APIs supported by your current browser. This allows developers to make informed decisions about which features to use or provide fallbacks for.

Stay Updated with Browser Changes

Browsers are constantly being updated with new features and improvements. By regularly checking with our tool, you can stay ahead of the curve and ensure your web applications remain compatible and optimized for all users.