Number Converter Tool

Easily convert numbers between any two bases from binary (base 2) to base 36. Whether you need to switch from decimal to hexadecimal for programming tasks, or from binary to octal for academic purposes, our versatile tool is designed to provide you with accurate results instantly.

How It Works

  1. Input Your Number: Start by entering the number you want to convert in the text field. Our converter accepts integers and takes care of leading zeros.
  2. Choose the Base to Convert From: Select the original base of your number. Options range from binary (base 2) to a maximum of base 36, covering common bases like decimal (10) and hexadecimal (16).
  3. Choose the Base to Convert To: Select the base you want to convert your number into. The process supports conversion into any of the available bases, ensuring comprehensive coverage.
  4. Convert and Get Results: Hit the 'Convert' button to see your number transformed into the new base. Results are displayed immediately, and you can easily copy them with the help of the 'Copy' button.